Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Tragedy from a capsized canoe caused by an unexpected giant wave

This sad news story from independent.ie is another one being blamed by the freaque wave in the last few days. This time it was en route to duck hunting:
Mr Topham, who was deeply involved in charitable and community causes in Kenmare and south Kerry, had gone out with a friend in a Canadian canoe.

The friends were travelling from Templenoe in Kenmare Bay towards an offshore island for a duck-hunting expedition in seemingly placid conditions.
However, the canoe was capsized by a giant wave and both men were thrown into the freezing waters.

One managed to swim to Kelly's Island and raise the alarm. However, Mr Topham was unable to make it to safety and is believed to have drowned.
A major search by the Irish Coastguard and RNLI was launched on Sunday and recommenced yesterday morning.

The body of the father of three was recovered by naval divers near Templenoe Pier, not far from where the canoe capsized.

So it was simply a case of the canoe being capsized by a "giant wave"! Was it a freaque wave? Probably yes, because it was clearly unexpected. At any rate the lost of this father is a definite tragedy in these early days of the new year. We can only pray for the family for their loss, may God's blessing be with them.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Perth mum and her toddler son encountered a freaque wave were rescued by master surfer

Here's the full title of the article that tells a happy ending story: "Surfing champion Kelly Slater helps rescue Perth mum, toddler from freak wave in Hawaii." And here's the story:

SURFING superstar Kelly Slater is a master of the waves, but this week he turned into a real-life hero after helping rescue a Perth mother and her toddler from a freak wave in Hawaii.
Photographer Chris White posted his thanks on Instagram that Slater was in the right place at the right time to help save his wife Sarah and their toddler son, Van, on Thursday.
“So thankful the surf gods denied @kellyslater today cos whatever reason he was right there to save my wife and kid who were swept across a road by a freak wave today,” Mr White posted.
So thankful the surf gods denied @kellyslater today cos for whatever reason he was right there to save my wife and kid who were swept across a road by a freak wave today. Forever grateful to the great man and so thankful my family is alive and safe ?? ??? Thanks to all the lifeguards too who saved many lives today.
So Mr. Slater was modest saying he happened to be there, can anyone see it clearly that God's hands were right there in protecting Mr. White's family? Thanks to the heroic Mr. Slater and Thanks be to GOD! Read the cited article for some nice pictures!

Friday, January 08, 2016

Crushing waves during harbour commute

This article  in au.news.yahoo.com this morning carried a captured video of a frightening
scene of a ferocious wave crached into the comunter ferry. They called the scene increditable
and harrowing which is certainly true and truly invaluable! Well worth a visit to their site and
see for yourself. Here's an appropriate description:
It’s been fairly big, and we’ve had some freak waves. It was spectacular,"
It certainly was! 

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Double tragedy as man drowns trying to save partner

First freaque wave connected case of the new year of 2016 happened in Malta, according to Times of Malta:
A stroll on New Year's Day at a picturesque area in Gozo ended in tragedy this afternoon when a Polish couple drowned.  
The police said a 50-year-old woman was washed out by a wave when she was on the rocks in the area known in Qala, in the area known as Tas-Sim
The 51-year-old man who was with her jumped into the sea to try to save her. According to a witness who spoke to police, the sea conditions at the time were not rough but the area is susceptible to the odd freakwave.
The witness said the man was taking pictures of the woman shortly before the tragedy.
The Armed Forces of Malta were called to assist but both died.
An inquiry is being held. The police are investigating.
 Hope this is the only tragic case that will happen anywhere in 2016!

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Swept away by a mammoth wave near Baltimore, Ireland

This very very tragic news published in  the Independent.ie reports the result of an inquest of the case happened last June as the report starts with:
AN HEROIC father dived into the sea in a doomed bid to save his son and the young man's girlfriend after they were swept away by "a mammoth wave."
and these details
The revelation came as a Cork coroner's inquest heard that Barry John Ryan (51), his son, Barry Davis Ryan (20), and the young man's girlfriend, Niamh O'Connor (20), all drowned off Baltimore last June after an afternoon fishing trip ended in tragedy.
The four went to the eastern section of Beacon Point outside the picturesque west Cork fishing village of Baltimore.  "They were fishing from the rocks when a mammoth wave came in and swept two people from the rocks and into the sea. " 
So this mammoth wave caused the whole tragic very sad happening that started by swept the two younger persons off the rocks where they were fishing and the heroic father followed into the sea trying to rescue.  Seemingly just all ordinary things that ended in so very sad consequences like in this report. Beyond pray, what else can we do?

How can we cope with such ordinary happenings as the hit of a mammoth wave? At this time, unfortunately, there's really nothing much science can do to help! Facing the possibly of a mammoth wave is part of the risk in life, some may be lucky, but others were inevitably being swept off helplessly. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Freaque wave happened in Caribbean Thursday night.

A freaque wave happened in the Caribbean Thursday (Nov. 26, 2015) night as reported in the Travel Mole. Here're the details:

Freak wave hits MSC cruise ship

Two cruise passengers suffered minor injuries when a freak wave struck the side of MSC Divina as she sailed in the Caribbean.

The wave hit the side of the ship at 23:40 local time on Thursday, damaging a small cabin porthole.

"One of two Mexican guests staying in the cabin sustained minor abrasions, while an Argentinean guest in another cabin slightly injured a finger when closing a balcony door," said the cruise line.

MSC Divina was sailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Nassau in the Bahamas when the incident happened.

"The safety and wellbeing of guests and crew are MSC Cruises' number one priority, and onboard technicians immediately sealed the damaged porthole," said the cruise line in a statement.

"As a further precaution, MSC Cruises has given alternative cabins to the guests from the affected cabin and those adjacent to it."

MSC Divina remained seaworthy and is continuing her itinerary, it added.
Friday, November 27, 2015
MSC is a Swiss based company. As usual that there's no details info available about the freaque wave other than it was hit at the side of the ship. Thank God for no serious mishaps.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Remembering the Fitz 40 years later

Every year around this time in early November, the Great Lakes area remembers the loss of SS Edmund Fitzgerald on November 10th, 1975. This morning the Detroit News published this article entitled "40 years later, Edmund Fitzgerald remains a mystery" written by Susan R. Pollack, Special to The Detroit News. So it's been 40 years, time flies! I still remember vividly the day after it's happening my colleague Tim Kessenich told me the news about it's happening. That was long before I got interested in rogue waves while we were deeply interested in Great Lakes waves. After that I did some hindcasting study on the possible wave conditions. I presented my study in the Great Lakes conference held in Ann Arbor the next year. As I remember that was the only time in my whole career, I made presentation to a room full of people even with people standing in the back. Hmm I was 40 years young then! The mystery Susan Pollack alluded about is basically what we are still not sure about what was really happened to the Fitz! For me personally as an interested bystander for 40 years I can only cite my favorite lines of Gordon Lightfoot's lyric:  

Does any one know where the love of God goes                                                                   when the waves turn the minutes to hours?