Saturday, October 11, 2014

Massive waves at Pulpit Rock, Isle of Portland

UK DailyMail yesterday published the article online with the following introductions:

Water idiot! Photographer captures moment man diced with death by climbing onto rocky outpost cut off by huge waves

  • The man scaled the 50ft ancient rock stack - Pulpit Rock - on the Isle of Portland in Weymouth, Dorset, yesterday
  • He stood there for 10 minutes while massive storms battered the coastline, causing violent waves to lash the rocks
  • Local photographer Sean Hepburn captured the moment while he was documenting pictures of the severe storm
  • He branded the man a 'lunatic' for the stunt and says he was 'incredibly lucky' and could have been 'a goner'
  • Prompted coastguards to issue a warning advising people to stay away from cliff edges especially when wet
The article included some breath taking photos along with a super video well worth a visit. on:

I guess it's not easy to define those waves as "freaque" since they are expected rather than unexpected. Anyway for mortals like me I am very happy to watch it in my comfortable home on my computer screen and admiring that brave soul challenge those waves and nature. My hat's off for the photographer that recorded the whole thing.  Let's just be happy and thank God for that lucky "lunatic" for not made him a "goner"!