Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Whale-watching boat tragedy caused by freak wave

This tragic news was reported in  the Guardian as:
A freak wave that struck as sightseers crowded to one side of the top deck caused the sinking of a Canadian whale-watching vessel, killing five Britons and an Australian near Vancouver Island, investigators have said. 
Canada’s transportation safety board said that after questioning some of the 21 survivors, including three crew, it had initially concluded that the Leviathan II sank on Sunday after it was hit by a wave when most of the passengers were gathered on the top deck watching sea lions.
The article was written by Chris McGreal.

This is another one of all the tragic cases that was never expected to, and should not ever have, to happen but unfortunately happened. A most unsettling news is what the coroner disclosed: "none of the five who died had been wearing life jackets, although they were available."

I guess no one can emphasize more strongly this advise to the tourists:
 whenever on board a tourist vessel and there're life jackets available, by all means WEAR it! Your life depends on it!!!
May God bless the lost souls, may they R.I.P