Saturday, December 05, 2015

Swept away by a mammoth wave near Baltimore, Ireland

This very very tragic news published in  the reports the result of an inquest of the case happened last June as the report starts with:
AN HEROIC father dived into the sea in a doomed bid to save his son and the young man's girlfriend after they were swept away by "a mammoth wave."
and these details
The revelation came as a Cork coroner's inquest heard that Barry John Ryan (51), his son, Barry Davis Ryan (20), and the young man's girlfriend, Niamh O'Connor (20), all drowned off Baltimore last June after an afternoon fishing trip ended in tragedy.
The four went to the eastern section of Beacon Point outside the picturesque west Cork fishing village of Baltimore.  "They were fishing from the rocks when a mammoth wave came in and swept two people from the rocks and into the sea. " 
So this mammoth wave caused the whole tragic very sad happening that started by swept the two younger persons off the rocks where they were fishing and the heroic father followed into the sea trying to rescue.  Seemingly just all ordinary things that ended in so very sad consequences like in this report. Beyond pray, what else can we do?

How can we cope with such ordinary happenings as the hit of a mammoth wave? At this time, unfortunately, there's really nothing much science can do to help! Facing the possibly of a mammoth wave is part of the risk in life, some may be lucky, but others were inevitably being swept off helplessly.