Monday, July 17, 2006

Here we go

Here we go, with the posting of this first entry, my blog is now open for business!

A word about the title of this blog: Freaque Waves. No, I don't think the word "freaque" is in the dictionary yet. It is a composite of the two words "freak" and "rogue" --  a portmanteau word.  Because at the present "freak waves" and "rogue waves" are exactly synonymous, used only according to people's personal preferences to describe exactly the same phenomenon.  So I thought may be using this one single word can save me and everyone else from writing "freak waves or rogue waves" repeatedly. My colleague Dave Schwab helped me finalized the spelling with a "q" instead of a "g" I first used. Prof. Y. Papadimitrakis of Athens once told me "freaque" is actually closer to the original Greek word than "freak":

Beyond the coinage of a new word, I hope I can, without bashfulness, presenting my personal views here on waves, freak waves, rogue waves, and everything about wind generated waves and then some, that can be worthy readings for someone -- myself in particular since these are my personal views! Any disagreements please feel free to flame me in the comments.

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