Friday, September 15, 2006

Freaque wave prevails over ambulance chasers!

Recently I blogged about the investigation report by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board Regarding the freaque wave encounter of cruise ship Norwegian Down. I commented that it was surprisingly did not receive much news coverage, may be because there was no wrongdoing found by either the Company or the Captain. Here’s perhaps the final chapter of the case, reported from Cruise Ship News, it will not be surprising to see this news probably will not going to receive much media coverage either: (Thanks to Rushie of Shipsnostalgia for posting this news on the Shipsnostalgia Forum with the appropriate title of “Common sense prevails in cruise ship court case.”)

Ruling Favors NCL in Cruise Ship Norwegian Dawn Rogue Wave Suit

A federal judge has ruled in favor of NCL and against a group of passengers who were aboard the Norwegian Dawn in April 2005 when the cruise ship was hit by a rogue wave while sailing back to New York from the Caribbean.

Even though none of the guests or crew members suffered serious injuries when the unusually large wave hit the ship, breaking windows and flooding some passenger cabins, a group of angry passengers and their attorneys had sought certification for a class action suit.

But U.S. District Court Judge Ceciolia M. Altonaga on Sept. 12th denied their motion for class certification.

So what should we call this final chapter? How about “Freaque wave prevails over ambulance chasers!” It is sad that when we are so acutely concious of our humanly limitations against the intractable nature we all live in, especially for something like freaque waves, some of the the people who were so fortunately came out of the Norwegian Down event alive and well should even think about to go along with ambulance chasers for undue gains. I don't think the good judge would do it, what those people really need is for someone to say to them with no uncertain terms: "Shame on you!"

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