Monday, April 09, 2007

Freaque wave the detective?

Freaque waves are undoubtedly always be the villain of many terrible tragedies. Would it be possible by any chance that freaque waves can serve any redeemable purpose? Well, the answer could be a qualified may be, by serendipity but not by design. This morning's Independent Online of South Africa article tells such a rare case: The recent freak wave damage along the Umdloti coast and the alertness of a few beachgoers led to the discovery of some human skeletons protruding from an exposed sandbank. It might be connected to the case of unsolved disappearance of six young girls in the 1980s. There were suspects on the run, who stayed nearby, and later committed suicide. If this television mystery kind of case, now rekindled, can be led to a conclusion from the new discovery, freaque waves would certainly deserve an ever minor claim of credit to have nudged it along.

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