Thursday, June 07, 2007

Beautiful but Treacherous

The title of this article "Schoodic Point: Beautiful But Treacherous" could be an under statement. In today's edition of The Ellsworth American, the article, along with a beautiful local scenery there, told a tragic story that should not have happen . Here's the beginning of the case as reported by Latitia Baldwin:
WINTER HARBOR — Tuesday’s combers and hurtling sea spray sharply contrasted with the favorable conditions last Friday at Acadia National Park’s Schoodic Point. Under sunny skies, with the wind blowing less than 5 mph, Faith Wise and her two daughters made their way out over the granite slabs close to the water’s edge. Wise, who hailed from Trufant, Mich., and was eager to share the wild Maine scenery, held her cell phone out so a friend could hear the waves. Holding a black toy poodle under one arm and her phone in the other, the 56-year-old Michigan woman suddenly lost her footing, fell down, spun and slid into the frigid ocean.
This is not a case of freaque waves, but it again strongly underlines the danger at the ocean's edge, no matter how beautiful and enticing it might be. Late on in the article the writer asserts:
At Schoodic Point, where the surf and storm surges draw thousands of spectators year-round, drownings are rare. The last occurred in the late 1990s when a rogue wave swept two people clear off the rocks and into the ocean. At the time, the surf was extremely high and the rain-suit-clad pair were close to the edge and were letting the sea spray shower down on them.
I can not help to feel a little personal with this case because my wife Teresa and I were there on vacation a few years ago, we toured Acadia National Park and we were at one of the beach points watching breaking waves and taking pictures. We were lucky that was a calm spring day, we enjoyed the trip tremendously and did not even realize those potential treacherous dangers lurking out there. May God replenish ever more guardian angels along the world beaches all around!

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