Friday, September 07, 2007

Wow! Stronger Hurricanes Mean Whopper Waves

"Stronger hurricanes means whopper waves" is the title of an article from the Discovery Channel which my friend Rob posted in his blog "Robin Storm" this morning without his own comment-- except adding a fabulous ocean wave picture taken from a ship. My immediate reaction to this title was in part what I've used for the title of this post: Wow! Stronger hurricanes means whopper waves. What else is new? Does anyone ever doubt a Category 5 hurricane generates much higher waves than a Category 1 hurricane?

I guess I am not very impressed with the connotation this title is trying to convey. To be fair, the author did making the disclamer that it is a subject of "intense controversy." What I am even less impressed is the sad fact that academic scientists rushing to jump on the global warming bandwagon and dragging ocean waves along with them -- without any solid scientific evidence only personal speculations. Any one who has ever really worked or looked at those cited buoy data objectively will not likely to dispute my contention. That reminds me this very amusing B.C. comic yesterday:
I would like to suggest to the author of this comic strip: It may even be more amusing if he could replace the words in the second panel with "It probably has something to do with global warming!"

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