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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Winter in mainland China

As we are all guilty stricken for driving our SUV daily that supposedly causing the hell-raising global warming "disaster" the whole world is supposed suffering right now, the land of my origin, where I have not set foot on ever since the Commie thugs seized it from the ROC, is going through the worst cold, snowy winter in over 100 years. It's been reported world wide while the thugs government only worrying about their image toward the oncoming summer Olympic later this year. Here I wish to show a few pictures I found from the Yahoo News:
This AP Photo above by Kin Cheung has the description "A woman prays at a village in Pingshi in southern China's Guangdong province." What in the world is this "pray at a village" thing? I think that little building in the middle of the snow ice covered field is the shrine of Earth God the woman is praying to. After nearly 60 years' firm control by the God-less Commie thugs, people still believe in their own fundamental Earth God! May be the photographer just do not have the liberty to say it as it is, so make it up this ridiculous "pray at a village" nonsense.
This picture by the same AP Photographer Cheung showing the heavily snow and ice covered electrical tower in Pingshi. The state media admit that there were already 11 electricians lost their lives trying to do the repairs. Most of the power outages remain unrepaired.
This tree covered with ice is seen in Chenzhou, Hunan province by AP Vincent Yu.
Now this is a farmer walks under frozen grape racks in Chenzhou by AP Zhao Zhongzhi.
This sunset over snow covered field is near Suzhou, Chiangsu province by AP Eugene Hoshiko.
This snow covered field is also in Suzhou by AP Hoshiko.
Here are two farmers walk along a snow covered field in Wuhu, Anhui province.
Ah_ha, an army tank to crush the ice covered road. Last time we saw the Commie government use army tank was June 4, 1989 in Peiking Tienanmen Square to crush defenseless students asking for freedom!

Most of these pictures are showing the kind of sceneries of what winter season has to offer. I guess I picked them more for their scenic rather scientific nature. What could not be shown were the human misery, hardship, and sufferings behind the pictures under the Commie thugs regime. After sixty years solid oppression and tyranny, people can only resort to pray to the Earth God hide in the field for help. Rest assure, under commie regime, pray is illegal -- to earth God or whomever else. May be that's why they cooked up the expression: pray at a village. One thing one can surmise: the people are most likely praying for the end of the excessive snow ice -- in the midst of Algore/UNIPCC's screaming of global warming!

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