Saturday, October 25, 2008

Final practice of C.J.'s first ice-skating competition

Allow me to show off my maternal-grandfatherly pride today by presenting the video of my first grand-daughter, six year old C.J.'s final practice for her first ice-skating competition:

Here are some beautiful descriptive English words in the book of J. I. Rodale's "The Synonym Finder": pride and joy, treasure, jewel, gem, . . . , or in verbs: take pride, exult in, bask in, . . . , anyway they are all applicable and you are welcome to share them all with me.


Here's CJ's actual performance when she has the ice all by herself:

And here's the warmup before her performance:

CJ was placed First Place in her age group in the competition. Here are some action shots during CJ's actual performance photographed by the family's photographer friend John:

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