Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Freakish rogue administration

Yes, this blog is about freaque waves. The news front about freaque waves has been relatively quiet lately. In the mean time the news front of American main-stream media has also been quiet about what is really happening in the country -- not exactly a top secret, but they will certainly not admit it. What I am getting at is a news that has been buzzing for several days now, but American people that normally getting their news from tv and radio have not even heard about it yet. For those who had spent their own money to see stupid Algore's inconvenience movie, you should especially appreciate this Glenn Beck segment:

No, Algore would certainly not want you to see this. That's why the Gore cronies current in power would want to suppress his report. Thank God this is still America of liberty.

I know that you have probably never heard the name Alan Carlin before. Now you have seen him in person. What do you think? You must agree that he knows what he is talking about in a typical scientist fashion. For those of us that have never been sold by the Algore hoax, we applaud Dr. Carlin's courage of voicing the true facts based on his research in the face of his "supervisor"'s supression. It is gratifying to see this kind of courageous spirit under tyranny. In case you are wondering, Carlin has a B.S. in Physics from Cal Tech and a Ph.D. in Economics from M.I.T. He was the Director of Implementation Research Division of EPA when EPA was first started in 1971. He's been the senior Operations Research Analyst at EPA since 1974. Yes, he does know what he's talking about. Can you say the same for Algore and those crowded Obamania followers?

By the way the supressed report has been released and it can be downloaded HERE.


A more complete Alan Carlin interview:

But there is still no word from any of the media outlets American people are used to follow. Communists during the Soviet Union era couldn't do as good a total cover-up job as the current Obamania media are doing right now!

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