Friday, November 06, 2009

Star fish tragedy

Here's something which is not meant to be funny, but it might be:

Local Scientists still remain baffled about how and why tens of thousands of star fish became washed up on Lissadell beach in Sligo yesterday.

Between 20-50,000 of the fully formed adult of the species measuring between 3-8 inches in diameter appeared on the strand.

No explanation has surfaced as yet but the Department of Environment, heritage and local Government believe that they were as a result of a storm or freak wave.

It was reported by Ocean FM of Ireland. We know freaque waves can swipe someone on the beach shore into the ocean. But swipe 20 to 50 thousands star fishes from the ocean to the beach by a freaque wave? Well, you learn something new each day!

By the way here are the poor star fishes from Belfast Telegraph:

Freaque waves can do all that?

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