Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two encounters of nearshore freaque waves

Two similar cases within a few hours happened in Australia and New Zealand nearshore areas yesterday were reported:

From Heraldsun.com.au:

POLICE have named the man who died yesterday when a fishing boat overturned at Point Nepean.

Twelve people were fishing at Point Nepean when a freak wave tossed them into the water, leaving two trapped inside the 10-metre boat, when it upturned about 3.15pm this afternoon.

A Queenscliff dive instructor became a reluctant hero in a dramatic rescue that saw one man saved.

And another from radionz.co.nz:

Two people have been flown to hospital after their boat capsized off the Taranaki coast, prompting police to remind people to take care on the water.

Six people were thrown into the water when their boat was hit by a rogue wave near Shags Point off the coast of Opunake about 10.30am on Monday.

Police say all six swam to safety, with one person suffering cuts and abrasions and another taking in too much water.

Constable Danny Giles says it is understood there were lifejackets in the boat but none were being worn.
So the peril of nearshore freaque waves, especially to small boat, has clearly manifested in the Southern Ocean yesterday. One life lost, several injured among the 18 or so boaters trying to enjoy their early spring outings. I guess one can say the warning of the peril has always been there, but no one can predict when, where, why, or how it will happen until it happened!

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