Saturday, March 05, 2011

A lucky beacch wedding

This lucky couple's wedding on the beach video has become instant hit on the Youtube. That's not necessarily their original intention. But it did. Along with their popularity are naturally all the goodwill wishes from total strangers for their long and happy life together!

Now for the freaque wave watchers, pay attention around the 2:40 time mark:

They characterized their beach wedding as "unlucky" and a news article even called it "disastrous' but I think they are in fact really very lucky, it's all happened manageably, no major mishaps. Especially when they went back to the beach for the pictures two days later on a nice day and encountered that freaque wave and both of them being swept on the beach. They are very lucky because that's all that had happened. Plenty of unlucky stories also happened that way. I saw a good numbers of Youtube beach weddings had took place, some even involved children. I guess Coast Guards are duly notified and be ready for anything that might happen. I sincerely appreciate Kathleen and Bryan chose to share their experience with us strangers. All the best wishes and lifelong happiness to them. I certainly would not advise any of my love ones to do something like that no matter how adventurous and well prepared they are at any circumstances.

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