Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Remarkable heroic rescue

This is a very encouraging rescue story:
After scouting the treacherous seas off Port MacDonnell for nearly four hours a feeble hand waved from the water showing signs of life from two courageous survivors. In pitch-black freezing water two men suffering from hypothermia clung to an esky for dear life. Two other men threw them a life-ring as relief washed over their faces.Link
That was happened in South Australia, as reported in the abc.net by Tash Impey. Here's the report:
Had it not been for the heroic deeds of local fishermen Gary Causon and Mark Moody these two Geelong men may not have seen another sunrise.

When two freak waves hit and subsequently capsized the vessel of Mike Fisher and Brad Neicho 15 kilometres off the coast of Port MacDonnell on Saturday a massive search and rescue operation was undertaken to bring these men back alive.

Skipper Moody and fellow fisherman Causon pulled them to safety onto the aptly named boat Remarkable.

"It was very remarkable named after my boat. It was very cold and I don't know how they lasted that long," said Mr Moody of the lucky men.

After a helicopter circled the area three times and failed to pick up the men bobbing in swells three and half-metres high, it was not until hours later that the infrared light from a Tasmanian search and rescue aircraft finally located the men.

Upon spotting the men through the aircraft's light, Causon said he was amazed to see a response from the water.

"They weren't real good I thought they were already gone until he actually waved.

"I think if it had of been another fifteen minutes or so they said they would have had to let go because they couldn't hold on anymore," he said.

Hauling the freezing six foot tall men onto the boat required enormous effort, said Causon.

"It wasn't easy to do they were big men. It took us all of our strength to lift them into the back of the boat".

Limestone Coast Superintendent Trevor Twilley believed the survivors owed their lives to Causon and Moody.

"Had it not been for the vessel Remarkable having gone out there to assist us in our coordination of the search then it's quite likely they may not have survived," said Mr Twilley.

The two men were admitted to Mount Gambier hospital suffering from hypothermia and were released the following day.
That was a remarkable and heroic rescue by any stretch of imagination. Thanks be to God! And it is always heart warming to read a story like this to start the morning!

By the way here's the boat and the heroes:

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