Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rescue at Moi Hole of Oahu, Hawaii

There will be a National Geographic program tonight with this overview:

A four-day trip to Hawaii turns deadly in a few seconds. Hugh Alexander and his girlfriend, Katja visit a high cliff to view giant waves. Suddenly a freak wave crashes right over them, taking Hugh and Katja down instantly. Katja manages to keep her grip on the rocks, but Hugh is washed off the cliff towards the thundering waters and sharp rocks below. He is sucked into a deadly underwater cave, not once, but twice! After hours of working to rescue Hugh, lifeguards finally pull him free of the surf and rush him to the hospital. Miraculously, he recovered and is now on a mission to understand what caused him to survive. Well study oceanographic data from that day to pinpoint the exact characteristics of the surf to understand what really happened.

There's also video and pictures on this web site. It is exactly within the broad interest of this blog. That web site has the videos and pictures about the case. Actually the History channel had shown the same case about the rescue at Moi Hole before. Both programs told the story sufficiently. It would be better to take a look at both programs to get the complete story. While the History Channel concentrated on the rescue, this new National Geographic is trying to look into the data and some science about the wave. Somehow neither of the programs tell when that was happened. Anyway it's a dramatic case with a happy ending, that's the best part of the story. Thanks be to God!

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