Monday, November 14, 2011

Happened in Kirkcaldy, Scotland

The above picture was published yesterday in in a story written by John McDonnell with this depressing news:
A three-year-old boy has drowned after he was swept from a sea wall in Scotland by a freak wave as his parents looked helplessly.
It was happened in the coastal Esplanade of Kirkcaldy, Fife on the East Coast of Scotland.  A dreadful tragedy happened in such a peaceful coastal area.  We are certainly all grieved for the shortened life of this 3 year old and the unnecessary loss of the love one for the heartbroken family.  Let's pray for the family and may the little boy be rest in peace.  Hope similar tragedy will never happen ever again:
To You, O Lord, we humbly entrust this child, so precious in Your sight. Take him into Your arms and welcome him into paradise, where there will be no sorrow, no weeping nor pain, but the fullness of peace and joy with Your Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.  (Comment by reader Paulmcbride to this news article)
Here's a picture by Gordon Terris in heraldscotland early today showing the floral tributes on Kirkcaldy Esplanade, presumably at where the tragedy happened.

A great detailed report on this case, completed with picture of the little boy along with eye-witness accounts, is given in this long article.

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What a horrible tragedy. I hope something can be done to prevent future accidents like this from happening.