Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another swept off to sea -- this time from Malta Oawra coast

Here's a depressing news to report as reported by of Marsa, Malta:
A 69-year-old English man drowned this morning after being swept off the Qawra coast, has learnt.
 Eyewitnesses on the scene said that the man was on the shore watching the rough sea when a rogue wave dragged him into the foaming waters.

 Initially the person struggled against the currents while shouting for help but eventually drowned before rescuers could reach him.

 The body was recovered from the sea by the AFM using a helicopter and transferred to Mater Dei Hospital.
As I have blogged plenty of times before, same story line, different location.  This time at Marsa Oawra coast of Malta.  Pray for the lost soul, may he rest in peace and God's grace.  I guess watching waves is always interesting.  But if it's rough sea the best thing is staying at a safe distance away.  If too close to the sea, a freaque wave can easily swept you away any time, any place, and without any prior warning.  Enjoy the exciting beach scene but please, please beware!

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