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Friday, July 06, 2012

A tragic news from South Africa

Here is a tragic news from South Africa that was no one's fault except blaming the freaque wave
A 19-year-old fisherman died after a freak wave hit a boat off Algoa Bay in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape police said on Thursday.
Captain Stanley Jarvis said it happened while the crew was fishing on Wednesday at around 3pm.
The skipper found Achmat Hendricks bleeding from the nose and ears and immediately left for the harbour, but paramedics declared him dead upon their arrival at 6am on Thursday.
Two other crew members were serious injured and taken St George's hospital.-Sapa
It is a real tragedy for the young fisherman and his family as well as the two other injured members.  It to no one's fault except the freaque wave that hit their boat.  It is something we don't know why, we don't where, and we don't know why it just happened.  It always happened some time, somewhere, some how.  It is so should not ever happen! But it happens ever so often around the world.  Life unnecessarily lost tragically. We can only pray for their rest in peace and their family to cope with it.  Can there something be done? Academic research at most can speculate on why it might happen -- but it's a long way to true reality.  WE NEED MEASUREMENT!  That's easy for me to say. Do the power that be care?  Let's hope and pray!

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