Monday, May 27, 2013

Happened at Shoal Bay Beach

This nice beach picture is a picture of Shoal Bay Beach northeast of Australia's Newcastle, New South Wales. The picture accompanies an article published this morning in the Border Mail, written by Alison Branley, entitled "Wave surge kills tourist":   

A strong wave surge has been blamed for killing a 60-year-old woman while she was walking along Shoal Bay Beach in Port Stephens at the weekend.
The woman, understood to be from Londonderry in Sydney's west, was reportedly walking along the west end of the beach when she was knocked unconscious by a shore-dumping wave.
It is believed the tourist was dragged out by the wave and drowned.
Paramedics were sent about 8.30am on Saturday after the woman was pulled unconscious from the surf.
They tried to revive the woman but she died at the scene.
Reports suggest the woman may have lost her shoe and had been trying to retrieve it when she was struck.
Despite sleepy Shoal Bay's reputation for calm waters, the spot at the west end of the beach is known among locals as a notorious spot during wave surges because of a combination of steep sand and shore dumpers.
So here, again, a sad beach tragedy happened! Even in a beach that has a reputation for "calm waters"! Well, as the locals know the dangerous of the spot is notorious, how can a tourist be so informed and be forewarned not to lost her shoe there?  It all seems so unreal, but tragedy always happens when there is least expectation!  May the lady rest in peace and may all tourists have a heightened sense of caution so that not to let their guard down when enjoy walking on those beautiful peaceful beaches!

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