Friday, September 13, 2013

A fascinating coastal ocean wave picture

Surfing on the Internet -- yea, the only kind of surfing that will not get me wet!-- I came across this picture from this site called "the open" which I find fascinating. The photographer has this to say "About the Shot": " Morning offshore winds perfectly groomed this wave as the sunrises." Rather poetic, don't you think?. It looks like a long swell kind of wave lazily propagated over in the morning breeze as  the sun rises, at the end the wave curled up, and expectedly or unexpectedly broke.  Was it by wind or was the energy exhausted?  The whole picture looked so calm and tranquil. All the credit and admirations go to the photographer, Myles McGuinness, for captured this in credible moment and this scene. I am not allowed to copy the picture, so I'll refrain from attempting to do it. Just go visit the site and enjoy the pictures there and be fascinated!

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