Saturday, October 26, 2013

An open ocean freaque wave picture!

Is this the picture of a freaque wave? I tend to think the answer is YES!. I found this picture from this article that carried a sober title: "Surviving a capsized rowboat in the open ocean". Clearly this wave picture is an open ocean wave picture. It is, in my opinion, unusual. Since we don't usually see a deep open ocean wave picture like this one. Also it appears it happened in an otherwise calm sea condition. That's why I think this is a freaque wave out in the open ocean being captured!  There's not much information available. The caption says "Rough seas Photo: Alvolv via Shutterstock" that's all we have. I assume the photographer must be a Mr. Alvolv and he certainly has my deep and sciencere appreciation for allow me to copy this picture. And of course the author of this article, Joe Spring, for choosing this picture.  He may or may not realize that an open ocean large freaque wave picture like this is far from plentiful like surf pictures.

What I am wondering about right now is whether or not the 1995 New Year's day freaque wave recorded on single point wave gage on the StatOil Draupner platform in the North Sea is something like this one? No one can generalize from a single point measurement to a spatial real wave. We can only guess and conjecture. We need real open ocean measurement! WE NEED REAL OPEN OCEAN MEASUREMENT! Or at least more pictures like this one!!!

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