Saturday, November 01, 2014

Lake Michigan waves near Milwaukee on Halloween evening

It is not very often to find news about waves on the Great Lakes, this one here about wave at Lake Michigan near Milwaukee is of interest. It's not about freaque waves but freaque waves were mentioned:
Waves crash, leaves swirl on windy Wisconsin HalloweenBy Julia Fello and Shannon Sims. CREATED Oct 31, 2014 - UPDATED: Oct 31, 2014MILWAUKEE - It looked more like the Atlantic Ocean than Lake Michigan.Tall waves crashed into the fishing pier at McKinley Marina Friday."We know when the wind is high the waves are coming, we try to get down here take pictures...enjoy it," says Pamela Griffin.Dozens flocked to the lakefront to see the spectacular display. A sight that took all by surprise on Halloween night.The waves so high - they washed out a section of the parking lot."We both sail and we have never seen waves like this." says Ian Weismann.Northerly winds at up to 50 miles an hour churned the waters of Lake Michigan from Port Washington to Milwaukee.Mia Ortlieb warns onlookers - "You can't get too close because a rogue wave is going to come up."
Well it is more about weather, storm, waves things more than freaque waves happening. I guess during storming condition there's no surprises, big waves are expected hence freaque wave in the usual sense is not present. Check out the article's accompanied video, I don't know how long they'll keep it up. While it lasts, there are some good wave scenes in western Lake Michigan near Milwaukee!

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