Monday, January 19, 2015

Big wave hits lighthouse

The above picture is from last Thursday's South China Morning Post with the headline
"Typhoon Neoguri threatens cities on Japan's central islands"
but this AP picture has an caption as "A big wave hits a lighthouse off Jeju in South Korea."  Whatever it is, this is a fascinate picture of a large wave engulfing the lighthouse -- not an everyday happening thing! Here's some from the article:

A strong typhoon swerved towards Japan's heavily populated central islands yesterday after it slammed through Okinawa, dumping heavy rain, knocking out power and injuring at least 30 people.
Typhoon Neoguri left toppled trees, flooded cars and bent railings on the island chain, which experienced its heaviest rainfall in a half century, according to the Okinawa government.

I did not even paying attention to the typhoon yet. Aside from the news part I found this from the article of interest:
Neoguri, which means "raccoon dog" in Korean, was moving northwards at 15km/h packing sustained winds of 108km/h by evening, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.
Hmm, raccoon dog, I wonder what do they translate the term in Chinese?


Aifeng Tao said...
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Aifeng Tao said...

As aslo a person interesting on rogue waves,I am so glad to see your blogger.
And I wish I can read your new posts for ever.

By the way, I am also born in Shandong Province. I worked in Hohai University since 2009. Now visiting National Cheng Kung Univerity for one month. Thanks to this visiting because it give me this chance to reach you blogger.

I have read nearly all your posts. Your spirit and stories really touch me.

Thanks a lot!