Sunday, November 29, 2015

Freaque wave happened in Caribbean Thursday night.

A freaque wave happened in the Caribbean Thursday (Nov. 26, 2015) night as reported in the Travel Mole. Here're the details:

Freak wave hits MSC cruise ship

Two cruise passengers suffered minor injuries when a freak wave struck the side of MSC Divina as she sailed in the Caribbean.

The wave hit the side of the ship at 23:40 local time on Thursday, damaging a small cabin porthole.

"One of two Mexican guests staying in the cabin sustained minor abrasions, while an Argentinean guest in another cabin slightly injured a finger when closing a balcony door," said the cruise line.

MSC Divina was sailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Nassau in the Bahamas when the incident happened.

"The safety and wellbeing of guests and crew are MSC Cruises' number one priority, and onboard technicians immediately sealed the damaged porthole," said the cruise line in a statement.

"As a further precaution, MSC Cruises has given alternative cabins to the guests from the affected cabin and those adjacent to it."

MSC Divina remained seaworthy and is continuing her itinerary, it added.
Friday, November 27, 2015
MSC is a Swiss based company. As usual that there's no details info available about the freaque wave other than it was hit at the side of the ship. Thank God for no serious mishaps.


Unknown said...

I was on it that night it was very scary The ship had been going through a storm that evening making walking on the ship very hard when the wave hit there was a boom and I realized something that happened we were informedThe following day that probably will be my last cruise I've had six others no problems but that was scary

Anonymous said...

This was my first was beautiful every day and the staff/entertainment crew were awesome...I was actually on the 14th floor when this happened and heard a boom sound and then was slung in the air approximately 4-5 feet across and my ankle hit the concrete/marble bottom of one of the drapes that are attached from a it and extends under the ceiling...I was slung back up somehow like a slingshot and landed on my feet. 2 crew members rushed over to make sure everything was ok and offered assistance. I was ok as I could scared me so bad the next morning when I read what happened. During my trip back home my whole half of that foot bruised blue and purple...still hurts to wear a shoe but I don't think anything broke or fractured...I hope. I still would like to go on another cruise as rouge wave are a freak of nature and really does not happen that was a full moon as well....I think that MSC should offer some type of compensation to everyone but I know that wont happen....I also seen tables from the aqua park prior to my fall flying through the that...scary too...