Friday, February 09, 2007

An encounter around the Horn.

Here's an encounter with freaque waves that has not and probably will not be reported in the news media. It appeared in an ongoing journal called "Jill's Trip to South America." Jill is currently on a 66 day cruise around South America. The encounter was reported in her journal entry of Sunday, February 4, 2007:
Goodness it has been an "exciting" few days. We left Ushuaia and had rounded Cape Horn when we ran into hurricane force winds and then 2 rogue waves. They were about 40 feet high. I happened to be in bed which was a good place to be. Things were flying all of the room and ship. We have just left most of it on the floor since we are liable to hit it rough again.

There were about 40 injuries, none real serious thankfully. Most of the china and glasses in the restaurants were broken and the kitchen was a real mess. We only had cold food for a couple of meals. Then the staff did a great job and got a hot dinner to us. Chairs had flown around and broke mirrors and walls. Some of the outside balconies had some broken furniture. I seem to have come through it fairly well compared to a lot of others.

We returned to Ushuaia to get the injured to the hospital and are now heading back to Antarctica.
She did not mention the name of the ship in her journal. As she did talked about Holland-American and the cruise is 66 days, the ship is probably the MS Prinsendam. Since we all know that Holland-American will not publicize this freaque wave occurrence, and no newspaper has paid attention to this case, except for Jill's journal the case will at most be reported on and filed internally. But 40 injuries and some needs hospitalization, it is by no means a minor encounter.

Jill provided an fairly mild and yet realistic description of what actually happened and the aftermaths. It is a terribly trying experience nevertheless, but it is certainly far less spectacular than what Hollywood production Poseidon movie depicts. So clearly we should never confused what make-believe Hollywood brandished for reality.

We wish Jill smooth sailing for the rest of her cruise journey.

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joared said...

I started a blog last fall, decided to check out the blogs of some contemporaries and yours is one I found.

I have your "freak wave" accounts quite fascinating so may stop by from time to time.