Friday, February 23, 2007

The Lock Ness thing?

This is definitely not of freaque wave by any stretch of imagination, but it is something of interest nevertheless. The Friday issue of carried this picture and brief news entitled "Is this Nessie of the lakes?":

Is that a monster in the water?

The water was still – then a 'thing appeared, diving and thrashing around,' says Linden Adams.

The 15m 'creature' left a large wake as it swam in Cumbria's Lake Windermere, he claimed. 'I know what waves can do and this was no freak wave or a boat.'

Mr Adams, 35, may not have caught the clearest image but hopes his photos will help solve the mystery of Loch Ness.

I doubt the picture will "solve" the mystery. But no one can deny that the picture shows that there must be some "thing" underneath there. What thing is it? By the way the picture was actually taken in Windermere, the largest natural lake in England. According to Wikipedia: "Since ‘mere’ means ‘lake’, referring to Windermere as ‘Lake Windermere’ is tautologous, though common."

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