Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Freaque wave drags boys off rocks

If I did not make it clear the dangerousness of the nearshore freaque waves in my previous post on the case in Iceland, half way around the globe and a day earlier in New Zealand the following local TV News certainly underscores the utmost perilous all over again:

The dangers of rock fishing have been underlined after a freak wave swept two boys into the sea from their rock fishing spot in the Bay of Islands.

Colin Akuhata and his two nephews were fishing off the rocks on the normally placid Kerikeri inlet. The boys went around a headland to another fishing spot when they were swept into the sea.

Akuhata heard them screaming and ran a kilometre for help rather than leaping into the water to try to rescue them.

Police say Akuhata did the right thing.

"One of the locals was on a surf board and apparently found one of the boys and pulled him back into the shore. And the other boy made it back to the beach safely as well," says Constable Andrew Talea.

One of the boys was badly cut by the rocks but managed to walk up to the waiting ambulance. The other, who has suspected back injuries from being smashed against the rocks, was carried out on a stretcher.

Both boys were taken to Kawakawa Hospital.
Both this and the previous case are also very fortunate cases because they all survived. Happy endings are certainly always heart warming. We must say "Deo Gratias" again!

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