Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another nearshore freaque wave tragedy

Well, after reporting two happy endings from devastating hits of nearshore freaque waves, a tragic case depressingly come to my attention. Coventry Telegraph online yesterday published an article by Barbara Goulden entitled "Probe into wave tragedy" that starts with this sentence: "THE National Trust is carrying out an investigation following the deaths of a couple swept off a harbour wall by a freak wave."

It happened a week ago, when Stephen Tickell, aged 42, was walking hand in hand with his partner, Patricia Evans, aged 53, as "they were washed into the sea at Mullion Cove, in Cornwall, on March 4." They were subsequently being "pulled from the sea by an RAF helicopter" and "rushed to hospital but pronounced dead shortly afterwards." That is essentially what had happened. Another culprit of nearshore freaque waves, this one ended in tragedy. We certainly can not over emphasize the glaring danger of benign areas near and around the water edges. It happens all around the world and it's happening so frequently and we practically know nothing about them other than knowing the danger but whatever will be will be.

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