Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cooler Heads V. Hot Idiots

One of the editorials of Investors Business Daily yesterday was mildly entitled: Cooler Heads. I think it should more appropriately be modified as "Cooler Heads V. Hot Idiots" as I titled this blog today. The IBD editorial actually reported in the closing paragraphs a real news that all the drive-by medias are trying to hide:
Arthur Robinson of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine released Monday at the Press Club in Washington a petition signed by 31,072 Americans with university degrees in science, including 9,021 with doctorates, who reject the notion that greenhouse gas emissions will cause catastrophic heating of the planet.

Didn't hear about it? Oh, that's right — the media can't be bothered to report on something that challenges their narrative. They're too busy saving the world from imagined risks and ignoring the real threats we all share.

Yeb, 31,072 American scientists declared that they would reject the notion that greenhouse gas emissions will cause catastrophic heating of the planet and that's not news? The number does not even include scientists worldwide outside U. S. A. How many scientist are there in Algore's consensus?

It's no joke, the editorial notes that Algore is not alone:

But a British royal, no scientist he, says we have 18 months to save the rain forests or we will face a climate disaster, and the media are fascinated.

That same royal, Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, has also said that the fight against global warming is much like the war his predecessors fought against the Nazis.

He noted in a cleverly timed May 1 speech at a climate summit that when he served "in the Royal Navy . . . 'mayday, mayday, mayday' was the distress call used in cases of emergencies.

"And this (human-caused global warming) is an emergency that we face."

Al Gore, naturally, gets the same reverential treatment. He's no scientist, but the media dutifully report all the crackpot statements he makes about climate change, including his assertion that the deadly cyclone in Burma was likely due to global warming.

It's bunk, of course. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, in a newly released study, says that warming will actually cause fewer hurricanes, not more.

Not that Gore will heed the rebuke. He's been told before, by none other than William Gray, professor emeritus of the atmospheric department at Colorado State University who is known as the country's most reliable hurricane forecaster, that such claims are false.

Yet he sticks to his story. And the media stick to him.

What a pity. Not only the U.S. has famous idiots, now U.K.'s royalty couldn't be left out. Where is Charles going to be in 18 months? God bless the Queen! Long live Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II! May she never retire! I always have the sneaky feeling that Prince Charles is not very smart, and now he personally substantiates it for us.

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