Sunday, May 25, 2008

Phoenix landed on the red planet

This is not freaque ocean waves, but it is really out of this world! Here are two pictures from the arctic surface of Mars:

and the news reported by Dave Billock in Wired News:

PASADENA, California -- After traveling more than 400 million miles during its 10-month journey from Earth, the Phoenix Lander touched down safely and sent its first signals from the Martian arctic surface Sunday afternoon.

The lander kept contact with Mission Control throughout the landing process. NASA had predicted that technicians would lose contact when the lander created hot plasma during atmospheric deceleration, but the signal was never lost. The lander is sitting a half degree off-axis, a near perfect landing. When asked if the landing could have gone better, Phoenix project manager, Barry Goldstein replied, "Not in my dreams."

Wait a minute! What color is that out there? It's suppose to be the Red Planet! Anyway congratulations to NASA for a job well done.


Now this is more like it!

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