Monday, June 23, 2008


Following the news around the world is also a good chance to learn about different places of the world. Today we learn about Saltburn-by-the-sea, a town and seaside resort in the north east of England. A scenic place as can be seen by the following pictures:

Today's news in the Northern Echo reports some dramatic rescue this past weekend "when a man was airlifted to hospital with facial injuries after being thrown from a boat in gale whipped seas" as reported by Chris Brayshay in "Anglers thrown from boat in gale" and
Another four men, from a second boat, managed to struggle ashore after their craft capsized during a memorial fishing competition off Saltburn seafront, on Saturday.
The fishing competition is an annual event
in memory of local plumber, 50- year-old father-of-two Jim Maidens, who drowned in similar circumstances, in 1998.

He was swept overboard by a freak wave close to Pennyfs Hole, at Huntcliffe.

But this weekend there were gale warnings, and "the anglers setting out to sea" notwithstanding the warnings. Coastguard officials were not happy, but all were safe in the end. So this is one the good stories to report with a good ending.

No one should confront the gale warnings and expect similar result. Especially when honoring the memory of some one who was "swept overboard by a freak wave" and drowned there.


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