Thursday, June 19, 2008

Still another -- miracle needed!

This depressing news in of Alaska is entitled "Fairbanks family hols vigil for son missing of Australian coast." It reports that Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw are holding vigil in their Fairbanks home as Australian search and rescue units continue to comb the central New South Wales coast for their missing son, Jeremy Earnshaw, 23, who was swept into the Pacific Ocean by wild waves off Snapper Point in the Munmorah State Conservation Area on Monday afternoon.

Here's what happened:

According to Australian sources, Jeremy was sightseeing with his girlfriend, Christina Cuppitt, and another young couple on his day off from Youth With A Mission in nearby Newcastle when the unexpected struck.

Jeremy and Jesse Lee, also with YWAM, an inter-denominational Christian worldwide ministry, were walking along rocks on Snapper Point when a freak wave washed them into heavy seas that had been pounding the coast for several days.

Witnesses lost sight of Jeremy immediately after he was swept into the water, and he has been missing ever since.

A flotation device was thrown to Lee who managed to stay afloat in the crashing surf until a helicopter rescue winched him to safety. He was hospitalized for hypothermia and released.

The same familiar plot again: walking along coastal rocks when a freak wave washed them away!

The Australian police had already told the parents to “prepare ourselves for the inevitable, that he probably is not alive”. Let our best wishes and prayers be with the parents, miracle can happen and hope it can happen to this family.

Walking along a beach or coastal area is the most enjoyable thing and it can be peaceful and tranquil. Why can't we make it stays that way? We can explore Mars and go to the Moon, but no one cares to do something to make our beach and coast safer for human life. Why?

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