Sunday, August 31, 2008

Power from ocean waves

Calgary Herald carried an article this morning entitled "It's time to capture power of ocean waves" by Reese Halter which covered some good points. Particular this one:

So far, Canadian and U.S. Departments for Energy have not spent a dime on ocean wave technologies, yet over a billion dollars has funded nuclear fusion and space-based power, with no tangible results.

which combines with this statement:
. . . 15 per cent of the world's energy is just waiting to be harnessed from the constant ebb and flow of the ocean.
should put politicians of both countries in shame.

This well researched article indicated that there are more than 50 wave technology companies
around the globe are using almost 60 years of experience with deep-sea oil platforms as they hurry to deploy wave farms. There are currently more than a half a dozen wave farms generating electricity in Europe and Australia. And at least another dozen much larger farms will be operational within 24 months.
Human ingenuity has created at least four marvellous variations of machines outfitted with turbines and pistons, all with a common goal of capturing the energy of ocean waves and turning it into clean, green electricity.
The article goes into some brief introductions of these various ingenious machines. I have only two mild critics: the article did not give any reference for further details and it neglects to mention any developments from Japan. I think the Japanese is also active in this area for many years.

The article has this optimistic outlook:

The race is underway for each of these designs and many others to generate jobs and clean, green electricity. There are no problems the fertile human mind cannot overcome.

Somehow hearing only empty lip services from the politicians so far, I am not holding my breath for any rosy thought yet!

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