Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hazardous wind farm?

A recent news item from North West Evening Mail of U.K. may serves to demonstrate what's happening with our once basically serene world:

A GIANT new windfarm set to be built off Walney will prove a hazard to ships, a tanker firm has claimed.

James Fisher and Sons, which owns liquefied gas tankers and nuclear waste vessels, is a member of the prestigious UK Chamber of Shipping.

The Chamber has slammed the government’s decision to give the go ahead for the 139 turbine West of Duddon Sands windfarm to be built eight miles off Walney.

A spokesman for the Chamber said: “We are extremely disappointed that the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) has given consent to the development of the West of Duddon Sands Windfarm site in Morecambe Bay without properly taking into account either the safety of seafarers and passengers, or the environmental costs of forcing ships to detour around the site.

“The Chamber notes that the windfarm will sit right across the normal shipping route from Heysham to Douglas (the life-line route to the Isle of Man) and the bad weather route to Northern Ireland for other ferry services.”

It added: “While the consent requires the developer to negotiate compensation with shipping companies affected, it appears that the very real safety and shipping concerns have been overridden.

“The proposed windfarm will present an additional hazard to ships navigating in the east Morecambe Bay area.

“It will seriously restrict ships’ sea room, particularly in bad weather and may lead to berths being blocked by ships unable to sail.

“This will affect ships sailing both to the Isle of Man and to Northern Ireland - as a result of bad weather routes not being available - and could cause major disruption.”

The world was going on smoothly until someone wants to participate in the popular but really a covertly "orchestrated crisis" -- under the disguise of urgent need for alternative energy and all become a mess!

There is a Chinese saying: "天下本無事,庸人自擾之." Literally translate: There's nothing the matter under the Sky until some idiots of mediocre ability messed things up. Yes, Algore and followers, that means you!

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