Sunday, September 21, 2008

Of Wave Vs. Man

I came across this recent web post called "Wave Vs. Man" from a blog-type site called "Environmental Graffiti." The post, written by Linda, is an essay with a group of interesting wave pictures. As far as I can tell, the pictures are not original, basically collected from different sources online which is something I usually do. The author made the commendable efforts to indicate the source or photographer of the photo, just as what I have been striving to do. She does identify some of the pictures as "photographer unknown." I wish to point out, however, that her second picture:

(Photo by Karsten Petersen.)

which is a dramatic storm wave picture appears online quite frequently in many places without a proper attribute to the photographer as Linda also indicated it as " photographer unknown." But it is by no means a picture of photographer unknown. The photographer, as I noted, of this widely circulating picture is really Karsten Petersen of Denmark. That picture is originally shown in his personal site here. As Petersen specified in his site "Any public display, distribution or other use of any picture to which I hold the copyright, can only be done with my permission." I guess most people are not aware of this. I blogged about his encounter of the 1977 storm in North Pacific two years ago here. I communicated with him and received his permission to include some of his pictures in my blog. He even kindly provided me with some further recall of that encounter at my request. Karsten is a real sailor and world traveler among other things. His site is a most enjoyable site for me to visit online and explore!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this and the link. I enjoyed his webpage, and I'm glad to see he's getting the credit. Have a good day.