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Monday, November 24, 2008

Rock fishing tragedy at Bondi

Another tragedy reported by the Wentworth Courier of Australia:
An elderly fisherman died this morning after plunging from rocks into rough seas near the Bondi Golf Club. Photographer Daniel Shaw was on the scene and captured these dramatic shots.
Witnesses saw the elderly man - believed to be in his 70s - hanging on to a rock at North Bondi before he fell.
Here's a good comment from Lynne Zahra of Sydney at
I have all sympathy for this man but really and truly, why in Heaven's name do people take such risks - standing on a high cliff fishing, a freak wave taking hold or a person just losing their footing - it makes for tragedy!!!!
As a spokeswoman of the ambulance indicated:
“He may not have necessarily drowned. He may have hit his head on the rocks, he may have had a heart attack ... there could be a multitude of reasons as to why he’s dead.’’
The danger is there and should be obvious, but this kind of tragedy just seems to happen ever so often, at different places and different times, unnecessarily!

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