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Friday, November 07, 2008

Surfing monstrous 41 feet waves

There's an interesting article by Wil Longbottom in the Daily Mail online of UK today with three fantastic surfing pictures by Reuters. (ht: Drudge report.)

Here's the brief description:

A daredevil surfer is pictured tackling a giant 41 foot wave in a bid to win himself a prestigious award.

Kerby Brown took on the monster during a session at a top secret reef, and nearly didn't live to tell the tale.

Moments after these pictures were taken, he suffered a devastating wipeout which nearly killed him.

The wipeout left Mr. Brown with torn shoulder muscles but otherwise he's fine and can proudly telling us the story behind these pictures. What intrigues me is that this has to be at a "top secret" location. (So that no one else should suffer that wipeout!)


This November 6, 2008 article of provided more details, identified the photographer as Andrew Buckley, and these words by Kerby Brown himself of the experience:
“I was lucky to get to where I got, I went straight over in the lip and did about 10 backflips and then pulled a muscle in my shoulder.

"It felt like I ripped my arm out of it’s socket, my leggie snapped and then I felt like I was the deepest I’d ever been (underwater).

"I took about 10 huge big strokes to get up and I was seriously struggling. I finally got to the surface and I was ready to pass out, luckily my brother was there on the ski.”

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