Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's a wonderful world after all!

Some update and reflection on the rescue of the young American sailor Abby Sunderland. I guess normal people will all share the exhilaration demonstrated by the balloons and the poster that says "Thank God, Abby's alive" outside the Sunderland home.

Here are the first words Abby sent out on her blog:
Hey everyone,
Sorry I haven't written in so long as you probably already know I had a pretty rough couple of days. I can't write much now as I am typing on a french key pad as well as trying to stay seated in a bouncy fishing boat.

The long and the short of it is, well, one long wave, and one short mast (short meaning two inch stub.) I'll write a more detailed blog later, just wanted to let every one know I am safe and sound on a great big fishing boat headed I am not exactly sure where.
What a remarkable young lady, what a great sailor! After her ordeal which we can all imagine what she might have went through, no hysteria, no complain, not angry or blaming anyone, she even maintain her wonderful sense of humor: the long and short of it is one long wave and one short mast! Yes indeed,thank God for allow us to be able to admire such a well ground young sailor. How many so-called "grownups" can truly behave like her?

Now here's a thank you note from Abby's parents and family:
We would like to give our immeasurable thanks to all of those involved in Abby's successful rescue. Especially to the authorities, both national and international, that have worked together to successfully conduct this rescue. These include MAMSA RCC Australia, Maritime RCC La Reunion, Qantas, WA Police, Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia, Defence and the three ships which are responding. Their professionalism and the great value that they placed on Abby's life has been a gift to us that we can never repay. Thank you for caring for our daughter as if she were your own, for answering all of our many questions cheerfully and completely and for going above and beyond our wildest expectations to keep Abby safe. Thanks also to Congressman Elton Gallegly! Congressman Gallegly had offered his help to us some time ago. Thursday, when things looked bleak, a call to Congressman Gallegly resulted in his staff engaging three agencies in minutes. In less than 5 minutes the State Department, with location coordinates in hand, was in full swing with our country’s friends. Thank you Mr. Gallegly! Your concern for Abby is greatly appreciated.
We'll never hear the drive-by media-types tell us the details of this thank you note. No UN was involved, but all different countries cooperate so nice and smoothly to carry out this rescue so successfully. I have never heard of Congressman Elton Gallegly before. I an certain you will not either. The drive by media operative will make damn sure that congressman's name will never be mentioned with this successful, heart-warming rescue. You know why, of course! But despite all these cynicism, we are glad to recognize that this of our world is a wonderful world after all!


There are still excessive noises in the media as this CSMonitor article asks whether "quests like hers wise?" mostly regards her young age. I think her father gave the most thoughtful answer to the critics:
“I don’t think age should be a criterion in this,” he said. “It should be the experience of the person and their level of expertise to undertake this.”

He added: “Abigail is a very competent sailor. She’s proven herself over and over again through this trip. This wasn’t the first time she had adverse conditions. She’d experienced over 50 knots of wind off the Falklands, rounding Cape Horn, and rounding Cape Good Hope. She’s been through trials and tribulations on the ocean and has overcome them.”

“This was one that was unfortunate that took the mast of the vessel,” he said. “And that’s got nothing to do with her sailing ability. It was an unfortunate thing that happened.”
I think whether the critics are out of good will or of jealousy, they should all shut up now and just enjoy this wonderful story of happy ending!

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Anonymous said...

A congressman calling 3 US governmental agencies in to help a private sailor. Good result, but who picks up that tab?