Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rogue waves according to Abby

According to this Reuters article today, by Lucien Libert,
Teenage U.S. sailor Abigail Sunderland returned to dry land on Saturday after her rescue in the southern Indian Ocean this month, and defended herself from charges of being naive.
This 16 year old fully experienced sailor is clearly more mature for her age with a brilliant mind than many "grown-up" media and political types alike who's been criticizing her and her family for her adventure since her rescue. With her cool and calm and her super capability in coping with those devastating storms out in the South Indian Ocean, I would rather to see her be in charge of our country than a guy who can't even tell you where he was born.

At any rate, in talking to the reporters Abby said this:
" Rogue waves can happen at any time, any place, any age."
I put special emphasize on these words because that pretty much embodied our complete knowledge on freaque waves today! How many grown ups able to understand and utter such a simple fact?

I am also impressed with these comments:
"I would like to thank my family. They have put up with tons of stuff, helped me follow my dream. There has been a lot of extremely unfair and offensive criticism toward them," she said.

"They have been my greatest supporters. They've always supported me and they've helped me to follow my dream and encouraged me to think big all my life. And the criticism is ungrounded, it’s from people that don't know the facts."

That just reflects a wonderfully loving and strong family bound. Somehow I feel those people who overly critical of Abby and her family could just be out of envy. In our society today, there are those who considered themselves the elitist but could not accept the fact that happy families do exist in our world with or without their recognition.

We wish Abby God speed if she and her family choose to have her circumnavigate the globe alone nonstop once again at some point in time. Go for it!


Here's another Abby's quote from her talking to the reporters which I think should be important as an eyewitness account for the understanding freaque waves:
The storm I was in did not roll my boat. I was hit by a rouge wave once the storm was already dying down.
Note that may be she can't tell us what exactly constitutes a freaque wave, but she had the keen observation that the freaque wave that ended her sailing had occurred not during the height of the storm but after the storm has been subsided! That was one case she encountered. No one can generalize from this. Her earlier statement that freaque waves can happen "any time, any place, any age!" still stands firmly. No amount of theoretical conjectures can alter that yet!

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