Friday, August 06, 2010

Another close encounter, another shattered dream.

Here's another case which freaque wave shattered a sailing dream as Rory Reynolds of reports:
A BRAVE dad-of-two has told of how he battled for eight hours hanging from his sailing boat in terrible sea conditions to carry out a vital repair and salvage his dream of completing a solo race across the Atlantic.

Scott Turner spent three years preparing for the six-week race but had to turn back just four days into his voyage.

The 43-year-old was forced to abandon the 3,300-mile Jester Challenge 2010 when a freak wave destroyed his steering column.

After spending hours hanging from the back of the boat attempting to fix the bent rudder, Scott was forced to turn back, undergoing a gruelling three-day trek home without sleep and bleeding from a headwound as he manually guided the 21ft cruiser back to Plymouth.
While we don't know where, when, how, or why of freaque waves, we do know it can do damage and destroy equipments wherever or whatever. When sailors out there encounter freaque waves, they are on their own. All kinds of beautiful theories, linear or nonlinear sciences can not provide any help with their plights.

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