Thursday, August 05, 2010

An officially un-registered QE2 encounter.

I came across this post from this QE2 forum which I wondered into the other day:
Hi There,
anyone remember the freak wave of 89? This was during a transatlantic crossing, I was off duty in my cabin when at about 1 to 2 am it felt like somebody lifted the ship out of the water and dropped it!!! I ran into the corridor expecting to see water flooding in as I thought we had hit something. There was a second wave a few minutes later that further reduced my cabin to a shambles. One of the bridge officers told me next morning that there was little damage except for the disappearance of the 2 Ton foghorn on the was later found on top of the penthouse cabins.
A testimony to the seaworthiness of the QE2
Chris - Casino Slot Tech 1988 to 1991
This is clearly a freaque wave case encountered by the QE2 in her long history. May be because there was no damage or injury and it took place at 1 to 2 am, no one else seems to have even noticed the encounter. It is of interest that this one person, Casino Chris, noticed and remembered it many years later. This is one evident that this kind of unsung cases happen out there, not infrequently, with or without any one noticed or registered it's happening. Do we know what's really going on out there? Hardly!

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