Monday, April 25, 2011

Another tragedy, another place!

Similar story. familiar plot, another tragedy, another place! As reported in Herald Sun it happened yesterday at the rocks at South Australia's Kangaroo Island:

Five men and a woman from Melbourne and an Adelaide man had walked on to the rocks at Point Ellen, the western headland of Vivonne Bay, about 60km from Kingscote.

One said they had been watching the sea and admiring the view for a few minutes.

The two men had their backs to the ocean and were about to have their photograph taken.

"It was a larger wave, and it (the wave) was a shock for everyone," the friend said.

The other members of the group were forced to jump to safety. When they turned back, both the men had been swept out to sea.

Neither could swim.

Nuriootpa visitor Bill King helped retrieve one of the men's bodies from the well-known holiday spot and fishing area.

"We came to admire the view and we saw people looking out to sea," he said.

"A body was floating out. and a bloke swam out and put a life buoy on him and we brought it in."

A doctor and a woman performed CPR on one of the men for several minutes, but he couldn't be revived.

The men's bodies were recovered about 5pm.

One of the men was believed to be an engineering student.

Constable Craig Oates, from Kangaroo Island police, said: "The men had gone on to the rocks to take a photo. A large wave swept two of them into the water."
Let's do the only thing we can do for now: pray for God's mercy and blessing for the souls of the victims, may they rest in peace!

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