Friday, April 08, 2011

This week!

This past week I have been in Vienna, Austria attending the EGU2011 where my friends Prof Alex Babanin started a successful new Wind Waves session this year, and Prof. Efim Pelinovsky organized yearly Extreme Sea Waves session is again in full blooming. This afternoon there was a very active poster paper session, all the old and new friends were there mingling and enjoying the final intellectual swing. It was my good fortune to have the opportunity meeting two brilliant young Russian scientists, both are Pelinovsky’s students. To my exceeding surprise that they both admitted reading my blog, yes this blog, and kindly encouraged me to continue doing it. Thank you so very much, Ira and Irina. I have been doing this blog for my own information and amusement as a personal blog. I really had never expected that there are actually people out there interested in reading this blog at all. Now I have to brag about it, you made my day!

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