Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another swept-out tragedy near Deil's Head, Scotland

The above picture is a part of Scotish coast in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland .  I copied the picture from here. The Deil's Head is a stack made of the red sandstone which is ubiquitous on this stretch of coast. (see this site).  It was in this seemingly peaceful and tranquil place that a tragic freaque wave case occurred two days ago as this Daily Record report by Charlie Gall:
Fishing trip tragedy as pals see massive wave kill sea angler in seconds

THE 49-year-old victim was engulfed by a giant wave in the tragedy which took place during a morning fishing trip on the Angus coast.

And here are the details:

A SEA angler was swept to his death yesterday after being engulfed by a massive wave.
Two horrified friends looked on as the sudden wall of water swallowed him up.
The angler disappeared in seconds as giant waves ­thundered against the rocks.
Last night, the identity of the 49-year-old victim had not been released by police.
His morning fishing trip turned to tragedy shortly after midday as giant waves lashed rocks on the Angus coast.
The fishing party were at craggy cliffs known as the Deil’s Heid, a mile north-east of Arbroath. The man is thought to have lived in the area.
Last night, one local said: “It’s a really popular fishing site. The anglers fish for cod there.
“There have been deaths there before so it can be pretty dangerous.
“There were big swells today of 10 to 15ft waves. If you were hit by one of those you wouldn’t stand much chance.
“I’m not sure if the dead man was a local. Anglers come from all over Scotland to fish here.
“There were people from Elgin in Moray and part of Fife fishing from the rocks.

 The article also attached two nice pictures: 


Another report by Frank Urquhart of the has more details and identified the victim:

Brian Harvey, 49, a father of three from Arbroath, died on Sunday as he was fishing at an area known as the Deil’s Heid, about two miles north of the Angus town.
A giant wave swept him from the rocks into the sea. His two friends Ronnie Coates and Davie Hannah desperately threw bags and other tackle in a bid to try to keep him afloat until rescue arrived.
Mr Harvey was recovered by the crew of the RNLI Arbroath inshore lifeboat, but pronounced dead at the scene after efforts to resuscitate him failed.
Mr Harvey, who married for a second time four years ago, had worked for 16 years at Arbroath Infirmary.
His heartbroken widow, Valerie, 49, said she was still in total shock after police officers told her of the tragedy.
“I’m still expecting him to walk through the door with a fish and me to be shouting and bawling at him for the mess,” she said.
“He used to go fishing every second weekend, right up the coast – he was very experienced.
“He was a fantastic man. Everybody who knew him loved him. All of his work colleagues and his friends are in total shock. He was just one of those happy-go-lucky guys.”

A tragic event indeed.  We heartfelt for his heartbroken widow and extend our deep sympathy and pry for Mr. Harvey rest in peace.

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