Saturday, October 27, 2012

Surf wave at Cornwall's Newquay headland

Now here's a nice but rather uncommon surf wave picture from this This is Cornwall article:

It is certainly not the kind of surf picture we usually see from Hawaii.  And here's what they have to say:
THIS IS the moment when ten-foot-high monster waves rolled into a Newquay headland – and the resort's surfers couldn't resist them.
The Cribbar – a reef off Towan Head – lived up to its reputation as one of the best big waves spots in Europe on Sunday.
Crowds flocked to the clifftops and watched while adrenalin junkies took to the water to show off their skills.
Freelance photographer Michael Teagle snapped these images after noticing the waves starting to break earlier that morning.
The 19-year-old said the bright weather helped make the images clearer.
"I went to the beach with Josh Piper.
"We saw it starting to break in the morning and decided we would go down and try to get some images and were very surprised when we got there to find a crowd had already gathered.
"It was the first time I had shot this wave and all the photos I have seen of it before were on dull, stormy days so I was surprised at how clear the day was and how nicely lit many of the images turned out to be."
I think that is just about sums it up all about this picture.  Somehow I kept having a feeling that something is missing from the picture. It finally down on me that what's missing here is the beach area.  Without seeing the beach makes this picture looks like a deep ocean wave.  A great soliton type nevertheless.  The article calls it a 10-foot monster wave.  I would not be surprised that this wave is more than 10 ft high, just look at the surfers at the crest!

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