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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hurricane Sandy's 'rogue wave' attacks CBS reporter

This item appeared in last Monday (10/29/2012)'s Washington Post online in the Opinions section. The full title "Hurricane Sandy's 'rogue wave' attacks CBS reporter" somehow did not catch my attention immediately.  But the included video with the article by Erik Wemple shows some of the spectacular storm and wave sceneries one can ever expect. And that was just about the only time during the whole episode of ragging of the Sandy storm this term "rogue wave" has ever been used.

Here's the short write-up of Wemple's blog:
CBS News reporter Chip Reid called it a “rogue wave.” Whatever you call it, it caused some difficulties for Reid and his setup in Ocean City, Md. “The camera is the only thing that didn’t go down into the two feet of water in which we had been standing.” There’s really no such thing, of course, as a “rogue wave” in a once-in-a-lifetime storm, something that Reid appeared to have acknowledged in his chat with “CBS This Morning.”

“Whatever respect you think you need to give a hurricane, give a little bit more,” said Reid. Question for broadcasters: Time to rethink the live shot with the raingear-clad reporter fighting the wind and rain?

So it was really reporter Chip Reid that used the term "rogue wave". Funny the writer of the article, Wemple, added his own opinion, since this is an opinion piece of a blog, in which he pointed out "There's really no such thing, of course, as a 'rogue wave' . . ."  Hmm, he is such a strong skeptic of freaque waves that makes me wonder what was the reason that prompts him to say that?  (I guess I must also wonder if he's ever skeptical on Algore global warming alarmism?)

Yes, during a storm, especially a storm that was once a Catogory 1 hurricane, all waves generated are fair size large waves.  But that's still not a reason to exclude freaque waves from happening.  Publications are available to show that.  As much as it can be annoying to think amids damaging large storm waves there still might be freaque waves happening.  I am not saying  the one Mr. Reid encounterd was really a freaque wave.  What I am saying is that we can not exclude that possibility!  Wish we can have more similar videos on the similar happenings to look at in order to make a better assessment.  Unfortunately in a national catastrophe like Sandy, there will be plenty of opinions all around but very little realy solutions and even less real data!

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