Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wave moments naked eye can't see

Live Science just published online this article by their Senior Writer Stephanie Pappas entitled "Surf's up:Photos stop tiny waves in their tracks." It was an interview of Australian Photographer Deb Morris about her photographs of "ocean wavelets capture gorgeous texture and color".  I was fascinated by the first part of the first sentence of the article:  "A wave doesn't have to be a monster to be breathtaking, . . .".  Indeed take a look at the following fantastic pictures I am allowed to copy:


Clear Wave

Molten Blue

Here's Miss Morris' own words in explaining her work: "It's capturing those moments you just don't see with the naked eye that inspires me. There are so many aspects, shapes, colors, movement, etcetera, in the water."  Ah these waves are natural ocean phenomena that's been in existence for thousand of years, perhaps since the beginning when ocean become part of this planet, but she just captured those moments in the vast dynamical ocean wave processes into pure art -- where science has yet to be able to touched them!  Her amazing artistic accomplishment in capturing the 3D wave moments into a fantastic art form on a 2D picture, while science, alas, can only conceptualized it over a 2D section.  Not able to measure what's going on in the spatial real world, so science basically created a science world -- so far removed from the real world out there!

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