Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas eve, 2012, the ocean world has been nicely quiet recently. The web site of WOUB Public Media just published an article entitled "The Ten Best Ocean Stories of 2012" co-written by Hannah Waters, Emily Frost and Amanda Feuerstein.  While all of them are of interest, there does not seem to have any freaque or just wave related stories.  Other than that, I was particularly noticed with interest this following picture of emperor penguins in the Antarctica:


Their abundancy is clearly impressiv!  The authors of the article have this to say:
"Using satellite photos, researchers counted twice as many emperor penguins living in Antarctica than they thought existed."

So indeed their population is more numerious than previously indicated.  How wonderful -- and what we have heard about those warnings on their dwindling population must have been "greatly exaggerated!" This is a great story to remember next time when we heard some warnings from some "scientist", we at least ask for some scientific verifications before jumping onto any conclusions.  The good things here is that no one as yet has try to hide the numbers like some of the "hide the decline"cases in some other area of "research". All power to the emperor penguins! They certainly had never been bothered by freaque waves.  They must know much more things about ocean than humans do!

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